About me

   In a some country (in Russia) in a some city (in Moscow) live some human. His name is Nikolay. That's me.Picture
   I am 26 years old (the date is shwn on main page). In childhood I finish kindergarden :-)), school, Moscow Institute of Fine Chemical Technologies. Now it is named as academy, but that is details. Now I am working at The Center of PhotoChemistry of The Russian Academy of Sciences.

   My hobby is programming, classic music, books (fantesy and some mythtic).

   I have a sister. Her name is Mariya. Now she is learning in Moscow Institute of Fine Chemical Technologies, which I have graduated. She is a third-year student.

   Now I start learning DJGPP C++ 32 programming language .

   My favorite computer games: Doom; Duke Nukem 3D (1.5, BDP, Nuclear Winter); Heretic 1; Hexen 1; Keen Commander 4-6; Scorched Earth 1.5; Goblins (1-3); a little Quake 1 [Armagon]; a little War Craft 2Robot Odyssey I; a little because of morals factor Dungeon Keeper 1 and other.

   If anyone knows how to get Keen Commander 7 tell me, please.

   If you whant to tell me some interesting, so mail me.

E-mail see below.

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webmaster@nick7inc.chat.ru, (not working now)