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15 September 2004 year

Hello everyone, who wisit me!

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   First I whant to apologize for my english. This isn't my own language, so some errors can occur.
   As you guess this is my own homepage. It best to brouse with screen resolution 800 * 600 (at least) 64K colors in fullscreen mode. You can find here some links, programs, games and other stuff. If you find BAD links, please send me a letter.



Site design.

   Onse upon a time ... :) , (in september 1999 y) I have looking in Intertnet free mailbox and get into (look a banner on the left). In a first look this site looks like ordinary once. But free mainbox take an interest me. Some time later I found that there is a place for my own homepage in there so I deside to try yourself in this field.
   In first I begin to search HTML editor. The first what I found was Ms-FrontPage. Take a work for a some days I derive that it have small possibilities. So I start to search some better. My choise stops at program from other maker: DREAMWEAVER 2.01 (MacroMedia) [3.0], which have more convenient and powerfull in composition and editing of Internet pages. By the way, this site was created with means of last mensioned editor.
   For graphics design I use two other programs:Xara WebStyle Version 1.2 and Xara 3D. This programs can be used for creating beautiful buttons, headers, 3D-text (the last one).
   The biggest part of a backgrounds and animations I found in the web. So you can find some familiar...

And there is what I done.



15-I-2000 Betta version of this site appears.
18-I-2000 Final version of site. Bug with russian codepages was fixed. Now text coding will be automaticly. Counter of visitors appears.
21-I-2000 Bug with e-mail adress fixed.
25-I-2000 Server was in down so this page was unavalaible.
6-IV-2000 Some bug with ICO16K.ZIP was fixed. Some files in Download section was added.
12-VI-2000 no longer answer. In links section alternate link was added. seems to change not only adress but a contents. (see the same section "Links"). Some links was added.
23-IX-2000 In "Main" section some animation appears for Flash 4.0.
27-X-2000 My site was moved from to in oder to fix some problems with symbol "_" in domain name.
3-XI-2000 English version of this site appears.


Auto Download.

  ! If you whant to download files from Internte easy, so you need to install some download manager. I whant to offer Reget Download Manager which can continue downloading file if carrier was lost. This program is indispensable if you have bad internet connection. Internet Explorer and Netsacpe Navigator not alvays can continue of downloading file from lost-carrier position even if server supports this posibility. In some rare cases this brousers say "download complete", but the file have wrong size! Reget works with Internet directly and donn't take place on the screen (gust little icon in systray). Even if server doesn't supporn continue of downloading and carrier brackes very ofen there is a chance to get file by means a proxy-servers. The list of proxy can be found on this site.

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